About Us

Founded in 2009, The Manx Educational Foundation has a mission to foster and support the direct linking of education to Manx economic development through customisation of content, engagement of business, and the emergence of the Isle of Man as a worldwide centre of excellence in it’s chosen fields.

The objective of the MEF is to provide direct and tangeable benefit to target sectors of the Manx economy through local educational initiatives.


The initial focus is on ICT with support given to the Island’s high schools in order to encourage them to become suitable ‘feeders’ into an overall strategy of connected and co-ordinated initiatives.

Our Goals

  • Inspire future talent by motivating students to pursue IT-related careers and better prepare all young people for work in a technology-enabled world.
  • Support IT Professionals by helping them develop world class skills.
  • Promote the benefits of IT to organisations and individuals across society.

The first step was to raise funds via a combination of corporate and individual sponsorships, with an initial target of £7m to enable MEF to purchase the government owned Nunnery Estate.

Sixteen local likeminded businesses stepped up to be founders and invested into a three-year commitment to provide seed finance and guidance in order for MEF to achieve it’s objective.

Along the way, MEF also raised £750,000 to secure the continuation of the Family Library and Mobile Library, previously funded by the Isle of Man Government.

By 2014, MEF had raised through pledges, £12.5m and in January 2015, The Nunnery Estate was purchased by a singular main benefactor, ICT Limited, who shared the MEF vision.